Hi! I’m Jennifer. Writer of young adult books, blogger, reader, chocolate eater, mom, and a Hufflepuff.


What this blog’s about:

As a child, I replaced my regular doll house people with the cast of Star Wars…along with Mr. Spock–I love mixing genres, what can I say? The stories in my head were filled with dashing lightsaber duels, Chewbacca going to school, and Obi Wan cooking out on the grill. (Hey, someone had to use the grill in my awesome doll house furniture set…) As stories came to life in my head, I decided I wanted to be a Ninja Princess Jedi when I grew up. Sadly, I soon discovered I couldn’t run a 4-minute mile (or a 10-minute one), I can’t walk in high heels, and the whole Jedi thing is far, far away. So, I made up more stories in my head.

I never stopped.


Stories move us, inspire us, and bring us joy. They teach us, change us, and bring hope. Sometimes they remind us of our best qualities, and sometimes they highlight our worst. I love all kinds of stories. Fantasy, sci fi, suspense, superheroes. I adore mysteries with romantic threads. Most of all, I love it when elements of all of the above mix. A story where people with supernatural powers use some high-tech weapons, save lives, and fall in love.


We all have stories to tell, some wonderful, some full of sorrow. In my life I’ve lived many stories. I’ve traveled to other countries. Lived in South America for a few months. I’ve been a wife, a mom, a professional, and a cancer survivor. I’m a parent of a sweet child with autism.

I hope with this blog to entertain you, to encourage you, to bring you hope. I know you have many stories too, and I hope to hear them as we move forward. Thanks for joining me in the journey.




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  1. Mom
    March 2, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    I love your introduction and facts about you. Good luck on your new blog idea. Sounds awesome!

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