The Prisoners

by Jennifer Dyer   Some call it death row. Others, The End of the Line. Whichever, I’d been moved here, all the way to the back of the prison. The fresh inmates get the spots closest to the door, but us hopeless cases move backward as each newbie enters. When someone gets to the last row, that’s it. The next… Read more →

The Official Dilemma

by Jennifer Dyer They’d covered every inch of the table with food. Roasted animal flesh swam in congealed brown liquid. Vegetables drowned in butter. Thick soups included more meat. Piles of flaky rolls anchored the corners, and a layered chocolate cake domed high with strawberries rose in the center like a king’s crown. When was the last time I’d seen… Read more →

Grandmaw says ain’t no such thing as ghosts.

by Jennifer Dyer Grandmaw always said, “Tain’t no way, no how they’s such a thing as ghosts.” Maw says the same all the time. But they don’t know what I seen last night. In January, Uncle George brung us word from up the creek that Grandmaw had taken a powerful bad turn and weren’t none of them sure she would… Read more →