Authors, Books & Chocolate interview with Melissa J. Crispin

by Jennifer Dyer


I’m so excited to welcome Melissa J. Crispin to my series called Authors, Books, & Chocolate where we get to know authors and their books.


We’ll be talking about Melissa’s latest release, Collide, a Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy.

Collide Teaser

Jenn: What a pretty cover. I can almost hear some awesome, ballet dance music in the background. Maybe that’s because I’m currently listening to The Piano Guys. Anyway, it looks romantic and intriguing. :-)

About Melissa…

I’m so excited to have you here today, Melissa! Tell us a little about yourself:


What’s the craziest thing you’ve eaten?

Melissa: Oh boy. My family is from the Philippines, and I was born and raised in Connecticut. As you may imagine, there are many interesting foods I’ve tried over the years. I don’t know if what I’m about to describe would be categorized as crazy, but it’s definitely different and unusual. Ube cake is a popular Filipino dessert which I’ve eaten many times. Ube is a purple yam. When I tell you that the cake is bright purple, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. Here’s a picture.

You all HAVE to see this cake. In fact, I’m posting a pic so you can see it:

s cake

So pretty!


What’s your favorite reading spot?

Melissa: We have a spare room in our house that my husband converted into a writing den for me. In this room, I have a cozy red couch that reclines. I love to sit here, with my feet kicked up and a good book in my hand. Add a nice, hot cup of coffee on the side table that I can sip while I’m immersed in another author’s world, and I’m in heaven.

Sounds awesome!


What’s your favorite writing spot?

Melissa: My favorite writing spot is at my desk in the writing room I described in the previous question. I feel lucky to have my own little space to focus. It also happens to be tucked away from where everyone else likes to hang out so it’s usually pretty quiet.

Wow. I love it! That husband of yours sounds like a great guy who wants to support your writing career.


About the book…

So, tell us about your awesome book, Collide…

collide 1When the balance between Earth, Afterlife, and Heaven are threatened, the fate of the universe falls on a selfish girl who must sacrifice everything to save it.

Kayla has a plan. She’s moving to the city after graduation and Luke’s coming with her. He’ll eventually become a doctor, she’ll be a ballerina—and they’ll live happily ever after. That’s what she thinks, until dark forces, led by a sister she never knew existed, start hunting her down for a power she never knew she had.

When Kayla starts working with a boy named Alec to learn how to defend herself and to stop the evil from eliminating the worlds, she finds herself falling for him. Hard. Torn between two loves and struggling to do what’s right for Earth and Afterlife, Kayla must decide if she’s fighting to keep her life together, or letting it go to save everyone else’s.


Sounds suspenseful and possibly heartbreaking! And I’m intrigued by Afterlife.


As far as age level and intensity goes, would you describe your book as…

light and sweet

White chocolate: Rated G, all ages.

milk chocolate

Milk chocolate: Rated PG, ages 8 & up

Semi-sweet: PG-13

Semi-sweet: PG-13

Dark: An intense PG-13, ages 14+

Dark: An intense PG-13, ages 14+

Extra dark chocolate chili pepper: Rated R

Extra dark chocolate chili pepper: Rated R








Melissa: I would rate my book as Deep & Dark, definitely for ages 14+ due to sexuality, language, teen pregnancy, and adult situations.


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Melissa: Other people might find this boring, but I would love to be omni-lingual like Wonder Woman. Though it may not seem exciting on the surface, it would be incredibly useful. I love the idea of being able to hop on a plane to anywhere in the world, and be able to communicate with anyone, no matter what language they spoke. How cool is that?

Yes! That sounds awesome. I’d love that too. I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan, but I did not realize she was omni-lingual. How did I miss that?


Did you cry while writing this book?

Melissa: No, but I got a little misty-eyed while writing the end. I can’t really elaborate on why without giving away any spoilers, but there’s a mixture of emotions that the characters went through that I felt right along with them.


Who is your favorite character?

Melissa: Alec is my favorite character. He forfeits the life of a regular teenager, working tirelessly to protect the girl he loves, without a single regret. He wants her, but he wants to do what’s best for her. Always.

He sounds like a great book boyfriend!


Is there a character you wanted to smack and why?

Melissa: There were many times that I could have smacked Luke. One minute he would be telling Kayla how he wanted to work on their relationship, and the next he would be snapping at her and saying things to make her angry. I just wanted to shake him and tell him to keep it together, but that was just his nature. He had trouble reigning in his feelings because he loved Kayla so much and the idea of losing her made him crazy.

Ooooh! He sounds both lovable and smackable. The tormented hero with a heart of gold.

And…about chocolate…

You and your main character are in a restaurant that only serves chocolate. What would you both order and why?

Melissa: Sounds like my kind of restaurant! My choice would be chocolate lava cake because it’s my favorite chocolate dessert. I love when you cut into the cake with your fork and warm chocolate starts oozing out of it. Yum. So Good.


If Alec was with me, he would order the triple chocolate mousse torte. Since he’s a foodie, he would want something more complex than my chocolate lava cake. With his dessert, he would get three layers of different chocolatey goodness: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. I also envision him critiquing the quality of chocolate in each layer as I inhaled my own dessert.

Oh my! I’m sooo hungry! Alec has good taste. Yum-o!


Dying for more? Collide is available for purchase on Amazon here: and on the Evernight Teen Website here:


Melissa loves connecting with readers and fellow writers. You can find her in a variety of places:







The final thing I’d like to say is thank you so much for having me on your blog today. This was a fun interview!




Melissa J. Crispin lives in Connecticut with her husband, two kids, and an adorable Siberian Husky. She spends her days in the corporate world, and pursues her passion for writing in the late nights and early mornings.

From micro-fiction to novels, Melissa loves to write stories in varying lengths. But, no matter the story, it’s almost always about the romance.


Thanks for joining us, Melissa. And thank you, dear readers!


How about you, dear readers…

Have you read any of Melissa’s novels?

What would you order at an all-chocolate restaurant?

See you in the comments!


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    I love the idea of imagining the chocolate dessert my characters might order in an all-chocolate restaurant. (Where is this restaurant, by the way? I’m hungry to go there.)
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