Authors, Books & Chocolate interview featuring Kristen Joy Wilks and COPENHAGEN COZENAGE.

by Jennifer Dyer

Copenhagen Cozy

I’m so excited to welcome Kristen Joy Wilks to my series called Authors, Books, & Chocolate where we get to know authors and their books. We’ll be talking about COPENHAGEN COZENAGE, her comedic Christian romance in which a quirky klutz finds love while fleeing an ocean of dog slobber and an octogenarian jewel thief.


Isn’t the cover sooooo pretty? It makes me think of pastries and tea shops. Or maybe that’s just because of that hilarious pastry scene in the book…


About the author…

I’m so excited to have you here today, Kristen! Tell us a little about yourself:

Copenhagen Cozenage features some pretty crazy dog antics. I know you’re a dog lover and have several other animals, including some pet chickens. Do you have a crazy animal story for us?

A crazy animal story…when our Newfoundland dog Shamu was a large puppy and still learning to walk on a leash, we took him to a park that was next to the Wenatchee river. He weighed over 100 pounds at that point and when he saw the water his water instincts kicked in and he bolted for the river. He hit the end of the leash so hard that my Hubby (who is a big guy at about 260 pounds) actually flew up into the air, then hit the ground flat on his face. But our dog was still determined to reach the beautiful wet waves. Shamu was still pulling on the leash and Hubby zipped across the grass behind the dog, bumping along in a very undignified manner.

Haha! I bet Shamu offered you a lot of inspiration over the years.


What’s your favorite reading spot?

Kristen: We live in the mountains on an alpine meadow and there is this spot beside an old bleached out log in the forest where a small glade of razor grass grows. Occasional tiger lilies grow up through the pine needles and the sunlight is warm on your back as you stretch out on an old quilt with a cup of iced tea and a package of Ramen noodles to nibble for a snack. Reading perfection.

I wanna come visit you!


What’s your favorite writing spot?

Kristen: My Hubby bought this overstuffed chair and a half that I park myself in early in the morning before my 3 rowdy boys awaken. I grab a cup of Scottish breakfast tea and a scrambled egg for breakfast, read a few industry blogs while my eyes creak open, and then get to work all wrapped up in an old quilt with my furry dog sleeping nearby. Sure, the laundry isn’t exactly folded yet, but the house is silent and when the first light of dawn brushes against the night sky, it is a beautiful place to write.

An overstuffed chair with a furry dog nearby sounds awesome!


About the book…

So, tell us about your awesome book, COPENHAGEN COZENAGE…

Morgan Ravn arrives in Denmark seeking clues about her mysterious heritage. What she finds is a flirtatious stranger who regales her with a story about a jewel thief from 1958 and then abandons her with a large unruly dog.

Can Morgan locate the irresponsible pet owner before his monstrous canine drags her through every puddle in Copenhagen and sheds all over her last dress? And why are strangers dogging her every step, snapping photos? Is the shutter happy behavior a bizarre Danish custom or something more sinister?


Sounds like a great read! An awkward lady thrown into a mad-capped caper along with plenty of silly doggy antics. And a cute guy. We can’t forget that part! :-)


As far as age level and intensity goes, would you describe your book as…

light and sweet

White chocolate: Rated G, all ages.

milk chocolate

Milk chocolate: Rated PG, ages 8 & up

Semi-sweet: PG-13

Semi-sweet: PG-13

Dark: An intense PG-13, ages 14+

Dark: An intense PG-13, ages 14+

Extra dark chocolate chili pepper: Rated R

Extra dark chocolate chili pepper: Rated R








Kristen: Milk chocolate: Rated PG, ages 8 & up, although Copenhagen Cozenage is written for adults and The Volk Advent for teens, my eight-year-old read and enjoyed both books and there isn’t anything that was inappropriate for him.

PicMonkey Collage--Copenhagen Cozenage

I know we’re not supposed to pick favorites, but who’s your fav character and why?

Kristen: I love Morgan, from Copenhagen Cozenage. She is such a mix of people I know and of her own self as well. She is that awkward girl I used to be, who loved Star Trek and couldn’t walk in heels, wore yellow snowpants to school for fun, and ended up making a clown nose and kitty whiskers every time she tried to learn how to apply makeup. Morgan is also a bit of a head nod to my sweet husband, who loves board games and all thinks Geek. She is my friends who don’t understand large dogs and she is all of us who have tried to train a rambunctious animal. She is every girl who has despaired of finding love and anyone who just wanted to fly away to some place exotic and eat a pastry in peace. 

Haha! For sure. The question is…does she ever get to eat that pastry in peace? We’ll have to read to find out! Personally, I’m a softie for dogs, so I love that you have that big Newfoundland in this one.


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Kristen: Oooh, writing a perfect first draft, for sure!

Oh, yes, me too! I want that super power! And maybe I can start sneezing rainbows while we’re at it, right? Haha!


And…about chocolate…

You and your main character are in a restaurant that only serves chocolate. What would you both order and why?

Kristen: Morgan from Copenhagen Cozenage would order white chocolate as she is hoping not to sully her last nice dress since all the others have gotten dog hair on them. 

Haha! Yes, Morgan might want to consider getting to know a good dry cleaner, am I right?



Kristen Joy Wilks lives in the beautiful woods of the Cascade mountains with her camp director husband, three fierce sons, and a large and slobbery Newfoundland dog. She spent her misguided youth falling in love with Commander Spock via Star Trek reruns, being suspended upside down over a homemade pit filled with gardener snakes, and stampeding herds of elk while on horseback. Now most of her adventures consist of preventing her hubby from filling another wall of their dining room with board games, thwarting her 3 boys’ efforts to sneak their pet chickens onto their bunk beds whenever she turns her back to fold laundry, and trying not to trip over the random teenagers that swarm her house to play all those board games. Kristen can be found tucked under a tattered quilt in an overstuffed chair at 4:00am writing a wide variety of dramatic tales or at


You can also find Kristen writing here for a camp blog and find her on her Amazon author page.

Order her awesome book, COPENHAGEN COZENAGE, here.



Thanks for joining us. And thank you to Kristen for taking the time to join us.

And you, dear readers…

Have you read any of Kristen’s novellas?

What do you love about about zany I-Love-Lucy type comedies?

Do you have a favorite reading spot?

And what would you order at an all-chocolate restaurant?

See you in the comments!


More interviews coming soon!

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