I’m not superwoman.

m no superwoman

Have you ever had one of those days where you get into bed and think, “What did I actually do today?” Then, instead of feeling satisfied at all the things you accomplished, you make a mental list of all you didn’t get done, all the little (and big) things you missed?

Maybe you’re a fellow writer and creative soul who feels compelled to create create create, and when you don’t get to you feel frustrated angry ARRGGH!!! Maybe you’re totally organized, and at the end of the day, if everything’s not back in its tidy little home, you feel scattered.

Even though we’re all beautifully, differently wired, so many of us fall into this sticky trap over and over. I seem to stay busy all the time, but if I haven’t done _______, I tend to think I haven’t done anything. Then–gulp–I might click onto a social media space and look at all the amazing and awesome things other people have done and




I compare myself back into my empty, dark hole of, “I didn’t do enough.”


And here’s the funny part: when my friends express the same frustrations to me, I come back with a GIANT LIST of AWESOME they do in a day. I encourage and help my friends see they’re being too hard on themselves. So why can’t I do that for myself?

Us humans…we’re such silly creatures.

In a recent conversation with a like-minded friend about this I-should-be-superwoman complex, she said she couldn’t remember who said it, but she’d heard, “We spend too much time comparing our blooper reels with everyone else’s highlight reels.”

So, so true.

So, take a breath, my sweet friends. Celebrate what you accomplish. Cherish the people around you. And send your cape to the dry cleaners because we don’t have to be superwoman. We don’t have to compare.

We can be ourselves.

And that’s enough.

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