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This used to be a book review blog, but I soon discovered that wasn’t my niche. With all the other writing I did, I couldn’t keep up with what I wanted to accomplish. Plus, I wanted to write stories, not write about stories. Thus, my “sblog” idea germinated.

As a child, I replaced my regular doll house people with the cast of Star Wars along with Mr. Spock–I love mixing genres, what can I say? I filled my days with lightsaber duels, Chewbacca’s homework, and Obi Wan cooking out on the grill. (Hey, I was 5.) As stories came to life in my head, I decided I wanted to be a Ninja Jedi Princess when I grew up. Sadly, I soon discovered I couldn’t run a 4-minute mile (or a 10-minute one), I can’t walk in high heels, and the whole Jedi thing is far, far away. So, I made up more stories in my head.

For a while, I thought I was weird. No one else had casts of characters swarming in their minds. But one day I realized I might be a writer. I’m still weird, but the title of “writer” gives me license to be so. Bonus!

So, writing’s what I do in addition to my day job, which is being mom and dog-walker extraordinaire. I still have that collection of dolls–I mean, action figures. (And the grill). We also have a trampoline in the living room. Weird, but that’s OK. I’m a professional at weird.

Stories move us, inspire us, and bring us joy. As I have some swimming in my head, I thought it would be fun to write a blog of stories. Does that  make this a sblog?

Anyway, I love all kinds of stories. Some of my favorite genres are fantasy, sci fi, and suspense. I adore mysteries with romantic threads. Most of all, I love it when elements of all of the above mix. A story where heroes with supernatural powers use high-tech weapons to save the world and sometimes fall in love. All the while we don’t know who is secretly betraying them all and who-done-it until the end.

My aim here is to take a journey in stories. Some will be spec fiction: sci fi, fantasy, time travel, and other weird elements. Some won’t. Some might be written by other contributors*. Some might be a collaborative effort. I hope all the stories will touch your life in some way or another.

Thanks for joining me in the journey.


*Each post will denote authorship. The authors retain all their own copyrights. :-)

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