Monthly Archives: April 2014

Grandmaw says ain’t no such thing as ghosts.

by Jennifer Dyer Grandmaw always said, “Tain’t no way, no how they’s such a thing as ghosts.” Maw says the same all the time. But they don’t know what I seen last night. In January, Uncle George brung us word from up the creek that Grandmaw had taken a powerful bad turn and weren’t none of them sure she would… Read more →

The Supe Store

by Jennifer Dyer   I grasped the store’s icy door handle. Darkness swallowed the shapes around me—the garbage dumpster, the stoops, the litter windblown to the curbs. Why did this place have to be in such a dump? Then again, we didn’t want just anyone shopping here. The net reporters called our cadre of crime fighters Supes (pronounced soups) thanks… Read more →

Six-word story.

by Jennifer Dyer Long or short, people enjoy stories. I recently came across an article about reading and writing short stories. In the article, the author referred to a famous six-word story sometimes attributed to Earnest Hemingway: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” It evokes all sorts of images and emotions. For me, sadness, like maybe someone was having a… Read more →

What this is all about

  This used to be a book review blog, but I soon discovered that wasn’t my niche. With all the other writing I did, I couldn’t keep up with what I wanted to accomplish. Plus, I wanted to write stories, not write about stories. Thus, my “sblog” idea germinated. As a child, I replaced my regular doll house people with… Read more →